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  1. Focus Session: Micro and nano technology in support of mitigating or reversing the effects of climate change (e.g. power/energy generation, conversion and storage applications, enabling energy efficiency, reducing pollutants and greenhouse gas, monitoring the effects of climate change, etc.)
  2. Focus Session: Micro and nano technology in support of vehicle electrification
  3. Focus Session: Technology in support of energy delivery, storage and management for wearable or implantable systems
  4. General Energy Conversion and Delivery
  5. Materials for Energy Conversion
  6. Energy Harvesting (Mechanical, Thermal, Solar, Bio, Triboelectric, RF, etc)
  7. Actuation and micro-propulsion
  8. Zero- and Ultra-low- Power Sensors and Systems
  9. Thermal and Chemical Science and Technologies for Power, Propulsion, and Cooling
  10. Electron, Ion, Photon and Radiation Energy Conversion
  11. Biochemical and Bio-Inspired Power/Energy Systems
  12. Micro energy storage: Batteries, Supercapacitors, Micro fuel cells
  13. Electrical Power Management and Transfer
  14. Fabrication technologies that enable all of the above
  15. Applications and Innovations in Micro Energy Systems (including Power MEMS in Action)