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  1. Kinetic, thermal, and triboelectric energy transduction, including energy harvesting
  2. Mechanics and mechanisms for energy harvesting
  3. Biologically inspired systems and human/animal energy harvesting
  4. Medical sensors, implants or wearables using energy harvesting or wireless power transfer
  5. RF energy harvesting and wireless power transfer
  6. General physics for micro energy transduction
  7. Microactuators
  8. Micro propulsion
  9. Solar and light energy transduction
  10. Electron, ion, photon and radiation energy transduction
  11. Micro energy storage; batteries and supercapacitors
  12. Micro- fuel cells, heat engines, and cooling
  13. Very low power micro-systems
  14. Sensors, IoT, Industry 4.0, WSN, SHM and condition monitoring using energy harvesting
  15. Fabrication technologies for micro energy systems
  16. Multiferroic materials and devices for micro energy transduction
  17. Nano-materials and nano-composites for micro energy systems
  18. Electrical conditioning