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Focus Sessions: This conference takes place as the United Arab Emirates is hosting the United Nation Climate Change Conference (COP 28). As such, the focus session of the conference will be on the following aspect of micro-power generation:
  1. Micro and nano technology in support of mitigating or reversing the effects of climate change (e.g. power/energy generation, conversion and storage applications, enabling energy efficiency, reducing pollutants and greenhouse gas, monitoring the effects of climate change, etc.)
  2. Micro and nano technology in support of reducing reliance on fossil fuels. This includes, but not limited to, electrification of vehicular systems.
General Sessions: In addition, submissions in the following categories are also welcomed:
  1. Innovative materials for energy conversion
  2. General physics and modeling of micro energy transduction systems
  3. Mechanics and mechanisms of energy harvesting systems (kinetic, thermal, solar, bio, triboelectric, RF, etc)
  4. Wireless power transfer
  5. Thermal, chemical technologies for power, fuel cells, propulsion, and cooling
  6. Electron, ion, photon and radiation energy conversion
  7. Biochemical and bio-inspired power/energy systems
  8. Energy harvesting for implantable and wearable devices
  9. Electrical energy harvesting, management, storage and transfer
  10. Ultra-low- power sensors and systems for IoT, industry 4.0, wireless sensor networks
  11. Electrical conditioning and power management systems targeting micro-power generation
  12. Nonlinear phenomenon in energy transduction systems
  13. System level integration and packaging
  14. Fabrication technologies that enable all of the above
  15. Applications and innovations in micro energy systems (including PowerMEMS in Action)